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Bring some extra laughter and joy to your upcoming event with our foam machine rentals. From 5Ks to fundraisers and even children and adult parties, you can create an amazing and unique experience with a bubble-filled atmosphere that your guests will love! Have your attendees move and groove through the mounds of soap suds and make those special moments more unforgettable.

Additional information:

The Large Foam Machine rental includes 3 packets of foam, with each packet lasting up to 40 minutes of continuous use. The foam machine does not need to run continuously; it only needs to be turned on until the designated area is filled with foam to the desired level. Simply turn off the foam cannon once the foam level is reached, and turn it back on again when needed to maintain the desired foam level.

We sell packets of additional foam if needed. 

Access to water and a water hose is required. (We do not supply water hoses)

Not compatible with our foam pit

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  • Foam Powder

    Add hours to your party with extra foam!! Each pack lasts a 40 minutes. Summer is knocking at the door so it’s time to gear up for some water themed party in your backyard. Those of you who have previously been to a foam dance floor surely know about all the thrills and excitement associated with a foam party. A foam party is going to give you many memories of laughs and happy moments spent with your loved ones. Finally you will have a way of keeping your guests totally happy and excited. Nothing can beat the fun and frolic associated with rolling and jumping on a foam filled bouncer.

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