Bounce House Party Games

5 Entertaining Bounce House Party Games Kids will love

When your little one’s next birthday or special event is around the corner, why not make it even more enjoyable for them by booking a bounce house? Not only will it be a great way to keep the children entertained, but also you can arrange fun games for them to do within the bounce house. With these exciting bounce house party games your party will be sure to be the talk of the neighborhood!
1.Red light, Green Light – Maximise the fun by altering this well-known game.
Suggest that the kids can move like their chosen animal when you shout “Green light!” Allow them to think of an animal to hop like a kangaroo, trot like a pony, or jump like a frog. They can practice holding their place without collapsing when you yell “Red light!”
It is certain to be a hilarious show as they attempt to halt without toppling.
2. VolleyBalloon – A game similar to volleyball, but with a balloon instead of a ball and no net.
First, divide the kiddos into two teams and let them claim their sides. The goal is for the kids to hit the balloon over to the other team without it touching the floor of the bounce house. See how long they can keep the volleyball balloon going.
Have a volley balloon craze by increasing the number of balloons and have the children attempt to maintain all of them in the air.
3. Musical Dance Freeze – This version of Musical Chairs has been given an exciting new twist.
Children can enjoy a lively, bouncing dance party to your favorite music. Once it stops, instruct them to freeze in that current position; anyone who fails or keeps dancing will be eliminated. Repeat the process until only one kid is left standing and declare them the victor!
4.Dodge Ball with Balloons
Playing dodgeball can be a great time, but it can become chaotic if it is done inside your house. Say no to the traditional dodgeball and try playing it in our inflatable bounce house instead. Not only is it much safer and can keep the fun going, but there’s less of a chance for any items getting damaged as well and this is younger kid friendly when using balloons. 
If someone is struck by the balloon, it is the same as in the original game; they must leave the bounce house area by going down the slide and the last participant inside will be declared the victor.
5. Capture the flag – Bring the classic playground game into one of our inflatable bounce houses for extra fun! You’ll be laughing as you observe the children bouncing and trying to catch one another’s ribbons. 
Split the children into two groups, giving each a respective color. You will then require streamers in two different colors, one matching each team. Furthermore, you will need two distinct “flags”, one for each team, which they must take away from the other. If you do not have an adapted flag, then choose something entertaining to have one hand, such as a balloon or a ball.
The goal is for each player to try to grab streamers from the opposing team members and capture their flag. The winning team is the one with the most streamers from the opposing team and their flag. 

Make your Special Celebration more exciting with these bounce house party games

Water slide games

Summer birthdays are the perfect opportunity to have some fun in the sun, and what better way to cool off than with a water slide? If you’re planning a birthday party at Party Bounce House Rentals of Knoxville, we’ve got you covered with these entertaining water slide birthday games that will make a splash for all your guests:

1. RACE TO THE BOTTOM: Line up 2 guests at the top of the water slide. Whoever reaches the bottom first is the winner!

2. WATER BALLOON HOT POTATO: Give each person a water balloon, and make them toss it back and forth while going down the slide. See how many times they can pass it back and forth before reaching the bottom. 

3. KIDS VS ADULTS: Divide guests into two teams: kids vs adults. Each team will race to the bottom of the slide. The first team to have all its members reach the finish line wins.

4. WATER BALLOON TOSS: No teams for this game. There’s 3 rounds, each person will slide down the slide and a thrower on the ground will throw a water balloon to catch, person with the most catches wins.

Water slides at a summer birthday party are the perfect way to beat the heat while creating some fun memories. At Party Bounce House Rentals of Knoxville, we have the best water slides for rent that will ensure your party is a fun success.

Slip n slide games

Throwing a birthday party for your little ones can be a challenging task. However, with Party Bounce House Rentals of Knoxville’s inflatable slip n slide, you can add a fun and exciting twist to the celebrations. Here are some games that can make your party the best birthday bash ever!

1. Classic Slip n Slide: Use your stopwatch on your phone and let the kids slide down the inflatable slip n slide as fast as they can.

2. Sharks and Minnows: One player is the shark who waits in the pool facing the opposite way and tags other players as they try to reach the other side before getting tagged

3. Leapfrog: Split up into 2 teams, Players slide over each other while playing leapfrog on the slip n slide.

4.  Foam Party: Add foam to the slip n slide for a bubble party.

Slip and slides provide endless fun and can make a birthday party unforgettable. With these  games, your party will be the talk of the town! Rent an inflatable slip n slide from Party Bounce House Rentals of Knoxville today and let the games begin!